Golden Banner

Now you can advertise your brand in big in gaf210Codes!
The advertising you are doing is not enough and you need some more? Now you can place your banner in the home section of our site!

This premium venue of advertisement will allow you to showcase your banner in the root section of our website, giving your brand a big visible spot, and allow you to link it to anywhere you want.

You will also be able to query reports and monitor how many times your banner got shown and how many clicks it got, with our advertisement platform called Adplan (you don't need to be previously subscribed to Adplan to take part of this offer!).

This is an exclusive type of advertising so you can be sure you get an special spot of exposure for you (your banner will only be in rotation along with at most 4 or 5 other banners).

You can use your banner to advertise anything you want imvu related like groups, catalogs, events, offsite links, etc etc. Always be sure that the image you submit abides the General Audience (GA) policy of IMVU.

The cost of this advertisement is calculated with the PPP method (Pay Per Print), so you know you are getting exactly the exposure you are paying for.

The pack we are currently offering is the following one:
2500 Views (times it will be shown, should be enough to have it rotating for 33 days) for $8 USD (resulting in $0.0032 per print).

If you would like to apply for this advertisement, fill the following form:

Now we are also accepting VCOINS for your Golden Banner! Have your banner going for only 2000 vcoins.
Remember we are guaranteeing a Golden Banner every 2 months to all of our Associate Patreons! Click here to know more about this offer.
Send your banner
Avatar Name:
Banner Image:
950x250px JPG/GIF/PNG 500KB MAX
URL you want the banner to link to:
Banner starts rotating on:
Once you have send it successfully, you can go ahead and send the payment, as soon as it gets approved you will receive a message to your inbox letting you know that your banner was approved and confirming the date when your banner is going to start rotating (please be sure to have your messages set to Everyone and NOT to friends only or off!)