Small Business Saturday

Thanks for participating in this event!!

It's been another great year of fun along with all of you! Small Business Saturday 2017 has been a lot of fun and here is a small recap of my journey visiting over 90 rooms!

Feel free to check out the photos, or even the rooms clicking on the names, or also if you want to check a Creators catalog you can click on their names as well. You can also go to the complete room list clicking on the blue buttons.

You can also check the complete album of photos with many unreleased ones of Gaf Santa visiting rooms with comments here.

Check the past SBS coverages here:
2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016

Hope to see you all next year!!

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Aislinn - Aislinn Showcase Boutique
SirenaRoga - SirenaRoga Showroom
MallorysOracle, TeenyWeenyNana, Vixiella - Reflections Showroom
wBlackWolfw - wBlackWolfw Showroom
SweetCryssy - Extacy Designs Showroom
Notorious, oOChrissyOo - Small Business Saturday
OachKatzerl - -OK- SBS Fashion for Everyone
Zollixcoffer - Room Zollix Runway + Showroom
RealItalianMan - -= RealItalianStyle WareHouse=-
Sassers - Sassers showroom
MrsSmartTeaseMayson - Showroom 1 Small Business Saturday
HOKKI888 - A Moon on Winter Night
GinGinz - Cozy Catwalk
MsPixelicious - Wexy Airlines
KolYmahH - KYH Winter Cabin 2
ScandalouC - SC ~ Let It Snow ~
SarahNextDoor - Next Door Designs Boutique
MisterAnime - Industrial Anime
Ruhna, Symphanell, Ruhnaxclusive, 2ne5stars - Small Business Saturday Ruhna Stores
Firiah, MisterFirius and Sahlome - Small Business Three Shops
Superoutlawz - Super's Designs Showroom
WinterEcho - WinterEcho Show Room 1
Kerryanne404 - Sunset Condo
KarmaBlessed - Purple Karma Creations
EnchantedEnterprise - MSkyeRyoko Boutique
GelLC - WinterEcho Show Room 1
DestinySoulthief - DestinySoulthief Shop
AutumnDeKnight - Shop Small Showcase
Squeak - Munchkins
VanGoGo - VanGoGo CARS Small Business Saturday
Krissyangl2 - Krissyangl2 Small business Saturday Japanese Park
YelEvig - Brb club boutique 2
Whims and Hank - Small Business Saturday Whims and Hank
RASHx - RASHx Boutique
oIIGIIo - (:: ParaDise Beach ::)
MJsouthernblondie - MJsouthernblondie SBS boutique
JanaeMJackson, MrJacksonSTL and MrBossFinePapi - Votre Boutique Convaincante
MrsArieelaVang - CBA Small Business Saturday
ZTI - ZTI's Office
des - daberiba
Pearla711, Yelevig, Missholly, Nisse, Angezul521, AngelAzul693, 693AngelAzul693, MJsoutherblondie, Ismeny - BRB CLUB BOUTIQUE
xXMysakiXx - Be My - VIP SALE ROOM
xXJerryMcLaneXx - Mystic Music Nightclub
xShinzo - The Blood Whispers
UnholyKitty666 - UnholyDJZone
MiyuSan - †Zone♥&mo†
Shirly - Ever After Bundle
AmiraErros - ++Penthouse++
Adriansito76 - ADR76 Store GA
Coursic - Secret d'alcove
AllStar - Rain
DoriPhoenix - My Modern Penthouse Bundle
DragonLadyShinobiaa - ~Dragonladys~Shop~
Wayaskyeyes - Waya Boutique SBS
SoariaRose - Ferrante Group Center
DarkDeviL - Devil Boutique
OmiN0us - OmiN0us SBS Store
LiLiamBlack - BlackSwan FASHION shop
Lulibh - ▐▄ ▐▄▌▐▄ ▐
Mortessia - Xmas Sleigh Ride
DarkFall - Tempus Incognitum
Stymesh - Stymesh Closet
DJBIANCADJ - Winter Peace Family
xoSSSxo - **SSS Creations Showroom**
LauraLight - Divine Labs Inc
Chaly4 and gejwa - Winter Fun-Small Business Saturday
Daise2 - Small Business Saturday Daise2 Christmas Room
PinkCaribbeanQueen - Escape to Bimini
Alyissapearl, CherryBird, CristyMoon, Songbird64 - *SBS* Yard Sale
Tawnyjane - Corner Plaza
ClaDark - Business Saturday Happy ClaDark
RiaWinx - Small Business Saturday Winx-n-Irish
Synned - SynnedSBS
Ismeny and Nisse - Ismeny and Nisse's Boutique
HunnyHer - Home for the Holidays
LLD0rkLL and seksigirliie - Dork and Seksi's Boutique
SaiKira & UltraBeauty - SaiKira Showroom
Paz - 𝑀𝑒𝓇𝓇𝓎 𝒞𝒽𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓉𝓂𝒶𝓈
RaniRellix - Rani Rellix Boutique & Office
JadeElf - Jades Showroom
Dezign - DEZIGN Custom Sign Gallery
AThousandTales - Trendy Tokyo (GA room)
Sybil9 - White Rabbit Boutique
Suz1111, XJadeBlackWolfX, Mathiaz - Small Business Saturday ShowRoom Suz, Jade, and Mathiaz
iish, parakiss, mastered, demi, upset - II.Flagship, NYC
Upset, Parakiss, iish, Mastered - Upset shop
VictoriaAlexandrea - VictoriaAlexandrea Showroom
Frizz - Peaceful Nights
4u - Christmas 4u
Karmilaah, Xavi, Lollypopp0rn, VvEmberzvV - No Fuss
XxShadowxX - Winter Lake Carnival
DarkAngel5 & Sylaraia - Sylaraia & DA5
RobertFerrari - RF Vintage Showroom