Small Business Saturday

Thanks for participating in this event!!

In probably one of the best and busiest Small Business Saturdays, this edition has been very special: counting with an unprecedented number of people visiting all the rooms, here I present you my journey through 111 of the rooms submitted!

Feel free to check out the photos, or even the rooms clicking on the names, or also if you want to check a Creator's catalog you can click on their names as well. You can also go to the complete room list clicking on the blue buttons.

You can also check the complete album of photos with many unreleased ones of Gaf visiting rooms with comments here.

You can also check more photos of this event courtesy of ErieAnn for Muse Magazine: Part 1 - Part 2

Small Business Saturday 2020

This year we have also counted with two live video coverages by Toci and miaka618 ~ Be sure to check them out and live the SBS experience as it happened!

Check the past SBS coverages here:
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Hope to see you all next year!!

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