Celebrating Small
Nov 25th to 27th
Thanks for participating in this event!
This has been a really special edition of this event, not only because it marks the 10th Anniversary of SBS, but also because we have seen probably what has been the best reception ever, with many rooms packed and also lots of people visiting and living the true experience of this special day, not only during saturday, but also during sunday and the friday before. With that said, here I present you my journey through 97 of the rooms submitted! (one of each creator plus a couple surprises!)

Feel free to check out the photos, or the rooms clicking on the names, or also if you want to check a Creator's catalog you can click on their names as well. You can also go to the complete room list clicking on the blue buttons under the search filter.

You can also check the complete album of photos with many unreleased ones of Gaf visiting rooms with comments here.

You can also check more photos of this event courtesy of ErieAnn for Muse Magazine: Part 1 - Part 2 - Photobook

This year we have also counted with a live coverage on twitch by our dear miaka618 joining and visiting rooms for over 5hs! Check it out here!

My sincere thanks to everyone involved in the coverage of this event, to IMVU for supporting this event once again, as well to all of the people that helped with the promotion that took a whole month prior the actual event day. But most of all, thanks to YOU: the creators that work tirelessly to make our experiences richer and the most enjoyable that they can possibly be ­čśŐ

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Check out Leigh and Luc's Year Long SBS visiting all the rooms!!
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